Finca Las Marías

Finca Las Marias is a model farm located in Huanacache, province of San Juan. This geographic area is one of the most conducive to the cultivation of olives, producing the highest yields per hectare in the country. The agronomic and crop management applied at Finca Las Marias distinguishes the exceptional
quality that characterizes Isola Asti’s products. The company’s vision is to pursue constant improvement in the process of manufacture, pointing out and taking care of every detail, which is later on appreciated by the consumer.

Isola Asti

Our company started the intensive cultivation of olive trees in 1996 at Finca Las Marias in Huanacache. With over 13 years of experience in primary production, the firm took a step forward in the value chain by investing in a nationally and internationally
model factory for the production of canned olives under strict quality standards. The name Isola Asti is inspired by the town of Isola d'Asti, a small Italian town from the Piedmont region, which is the birthplace of the factory’s founder.