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Ruta Provincial 599
Km 12 al sur de Ruta 319, Huanacache, Sarmiento
Provincia de San Juan.
(Finca Las Marías)
GPS 32°04'31.6"S 68°35'00.3"W
Tel (+54) 9 264 5092513


Av. Belgrano 1683 8th floor
Buenos Aires, Argentina
M. (+54) 9 223 5263762


Av. Luro 3071 9 "A"
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (+54) 223 4913491


The farm and production plant is located south of the province of San Juan, in the town of Huanacache, department of Sarmiento. These lands at the foot of the mountains have the right natural conditions regarding climate, water and soil, making it a privileged place for the cultivation of olive trees in Argentina.